Friday, March 10, 2017


Good afternoon everyone! I am holding Elizavecca Milky Piggy Blackhead 3 Solution Step. I am going to pamper myself today with it. I bought 5 pieces free 1 piece from Althea Korea. 

1 step : Open & Clear up pores by cotton mask
2 step : Absorbing blackhead by Nose pack
3 step : Pore tightening care by bio cellulose mask

Green Tea extract. Lavender Extract
Aloe vera leaf extract. Apple extract
Lemon extract. Lime extract,
Camomile extract. Peppermint extract
Grapefruit extract and others

Step 1
After washing, attach the cotton sheet to your nose, and take it off after 10~15 minutes.Wipe off the sebum com out from pores.

Step 2
Wet around your nose with water.
Take out the 2 step sheet by dry hand and remove the  clear film.
Attach it on the pink side, and take it off after 10~15 minutes.

Step 3
Take out the bio cellulose mask and remove the film on both sides, and attach it on your nose. After 10~15 minutes, take it off and pat lightly nose to make the remaining ingredients to be absorbed properly.

MISSJASJAS'S LIKE : The packaging is cute. 

MISSJASJAS'S DISLIKE : My blackheads don't really come out a lot. Just few blackheads come out as you can see the proof. Actually, the proof cannot let me see properly too. For the STEP 3, it is difficult to put on the nose. If you purchase it, you will know it. If you don't purchase it, you can see it on my 3rd photo if you do notice it. I don't recommend you purchase it because it is such a waste of your money because the blackheads seriously don't come out a lot! 

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