Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Good evening my dear friends and readers. Are you looking for cheapest Ramadhan Buffet Dinner in Penang? I can tell you that this Ramadhan Buffet Dinner at Berjaya Hotel Penang is the cheapest. There are not many varieties of foods and beverages and desserts as well but you can choose which dishes you love. I can tell you that in this Ramadhan Buffet Dinner, I ate quite a lot of rounds. Hahaha. I was like omg!! I never stop eating. Hahaha. Thank you for having me, Berjaya Hotel Penang. Thank you very much for your invitation, Kak Aishah and Ika (my BFF). 

This is my favourite food station which is Grilled Items!!! 
I think I ate 40 grilled prawns hahaha

Bubur Lambuk

 Sup Tulang Lembu 

There are 2 types of rice : Nasi Putih and Nasi Briyani 
I am a person who always need to eat rice once or twice a day 
No rice, I can die!! Hahaha

 Kari Ikan Bawal 

 Can you see the "ikan bawal" so big?? Yummy!!

Gulai Nangka Muda Dengan Ikan Bilis
I tried this! It was delicious! Yummy! 

 Ayam Masak Merah 
Sigh! My photo so blur.. I am very sorry 

 Kambing Kurma 
I tried this too! It was not bad taste.. 

 Sambal Udang Petai 

 Belitung Goreng Bercili 

 Daun Asin-Asin Masak Lemak 

 Bendi Goreng Pedas

Sauces Station 

Chicken Shawerma Station

I did a short video of the Chicken Shawerma XD 

 Ice Kacang and Ice Cream is my favourite station too!! 

The toppings you can top up :) 

Laksa Station 

Laksa Toppings XD

Rojak Buah-Buahan 

Salad Station 

 Assorted Fruits (the fruits are sweet) **thumbs up**

For more information 
Date : 19th May until 13th June 2018 
Time : 7pm until 10pm
Venue : The Cafe, Level 1
Pricing : 
Adult - RM 58 nett per person 
Child - RM 30 nett per person 
Senior Citizen - RM 45 nett per person 
**BUY 5 FREE 1 with every 5 paying adults**

They also able to cater for private function room minimum of 100 persons. *BUY 9 FREE 1*

Address : 1-Stop Midlands Park, 
Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang.
Contact : +604 227 7111
Email : pg.info@berjayahotel.com


  1. waa, so far ni tawaran yg hebat mek tgk. good one.

    1. oh i see. kalau ada datang ke penang, boleh roger saya :)
      kita boleh jumpa ^^