Monday, May 14, 2018


This zipper bag is the newly launch product by The Pink Diamond 

Dear my beloved readers! Do you love natural handmade products for your face and body? I always love natural handmade products. I have been looking for natural product for my body. Finally, I found natural products for my body and even for my face. Thank you The Pink Diamond Co for these products. 

The Pink Diamond Co owner who named Miss Nora, I am quite admired her and her passion on bath bombs, body scrubs, soap scrubs and bath salts. I know doing these takes a lot of time and patience, I don't think I can do, that's why I am blogger because I love to write since I was 12 years old. Anyway, Miss Nora uses natural and vegan ingredients especially essential oils. 

Inside of the DO GOOD zipper bag contains : 
a) 2 travel pack of body scrub (coffee scent) 
b) a bottle of bath salt (rose scent) 
c) a small bar of soap scrub (vanilla latte scent) 
d) a mini bar of soap scrub (vanilla latte scent)
e) a small bar of body scrub (calming lavender scent) 

I did short video for The Pink Diamond Co Body Scrub 

I am giving 4/5 for The Pink Diamond Co Body Scrub (Coffee) because 
1. I love the coffee scent very much 
2. After washing my hands using it, I can see my hands become fair 
3. After washing my whole body for 1 week, I can feel my skin soft. When I touched my skin, I don't feel dryness anymore 
4. It comes with travel pack and jar. You may take travel pack for your travel usage and jar at your bathroom :) 

I did short video for The Pink Diamond Co Soap Scrub (Vanilla Latte) 

I am giving 5/5 for The Pink Diamond Co Soap Scrub (Vanilla Latte) because 
1. The scent quite attractive because it doesn't smell like vanilla latte and to me, it smells like chocolate :)
2. This soap scrub was very mild and it doesn't irritate your skin at all
3. It is suitable for sensitive skin as my body skin was very sensitive especially my back full of rashes since I was young until now (hopefully it will recovers) 
4. It is also suitable for face too! I did used on my sensitive face and it doesn't causes my face become redness and itchiness too. *thumbs up** 
5. I will repurchase once I finished the mini bar and small bar too 

I did short video for The Pink Diamond Co Bath Salt when I am in HK :) 

I am giving 3/5 for The Pink Diamond Co Bath Salt because 
1. The tube of the bath salt was easy to take to travel 
2. The texture was not strong, suitable for those who want to relax their body 
3. It has rose petals into the tube

For more information 
They make body scrub in jar and travel pack, soap scrubs (3 sizes), bath soaps (3 sizes), bath bombs (3 sizes), facial soaps (3 sizes), bath salt in tube with natural ingredients and essential oils!
They do gift box sets and door gift sets too! 
PM the owner named Miss Nora on the Instagram

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