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Hello my beloved readers! I would love to share this product that I bought from Storming Gravity is Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Glitter. Since I love to taking photos of myself when I was travelling, I started looking for good quality selfie stick. I have checked out those gadgets outlet selling selfie stick. Those selfie sticks to me, the quality not very good and yet selling so cheap or expensive. For me, my gadget must be in good quality and the pricing within my budget. Anyway, after I found this website Storming Gravity, there are several products I am so in love with. So, the 1st product I decided to purchase it from Sasa by Storming Gravity is Tic Travel Bottles. I suppose to purchase from Storming Gravity itself but that time I went to Queensbay Mall, so I saw it!!! So, I decided to purchase them. You may read it at MISSJASJAS'S TIC TRAVEL BOTTLES. Anyway, back to this topic, the 2nd product I purchase is my selfie stick. Wheeeeee!! 

Anyway, there are 3 types of selfie stick : 
a) Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Mini 
b) Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Max 
c) Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Glitter 

Mini and Glitter are in the same size and spec but Mini is made by poly-carbonate while Glitter is made by aluminium (looks more premium and heavier). Max comes with built-in tripod, larger size thus can support bigger phone, the bluetooth remote control can be attached to body thus easy to carry. 

You may check it out at here : 

This is how the packaging box looks like :) 

 ** Only compatible with iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.0.3 or above**

Simple and Smart
a) Compact design & condense down for easy portability and storing
Polished Aluminum
b) Polished Aluminum material makes all detail high quality
Wireless Remote
c) Convenient Bluetooth remote to your selfies wirelessly
Phone Compatibility
d) Works with phone sizes approximately 3" ~ 5.5"  
Intuitive Phone Mount
e) Double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach / detach mounting actions
Compact Design 
f) Condenses down for easy portability and storing in small spaces and bags
Maximum Strength
g) Polarized stainless steel pole for full phone support

These are the sizes of Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Glitter 

I did a short video on how I unboxing it :) 

I am giving my Cliquefie Premium Selfie Stick - Glitter 5/5 because 
1. The quality of the selfie stick was very good **thumbs up** 
2. The material of the selfie stick was very good as it is glitter and it is real aluminium so when you hold it, you will feel heavy but for me, it is still good. 
3. The selfie stick is easy for you to keep inside your backpack and you can take it out easily and put your phone into it and snap photos 
4. It has remote control, so you can connect it by on your bluetooth and you can press the button of remote control and snap photos. 
5. Loving my selfie stick very much! There are 5 colors for you to choose. I chose Glitter Blue instead of Glitter Black. 

For more information 
Price : RM 169 
You can purchase it at (HERE

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