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Wheeeeeeeee!! I got these kawaii Tsum Tsum collection from Mentholatum Malaysia. I am sure many of you love Tsum Tsum very much right?? Check it out Mentholatum Tsum Tsum packaging from these ranges - facial sheet masks, face wash, hand creams and fruity lip balms. Thank you very much to my lovely clients! 

The Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask is available in 4 variants : Honey, Rose, Lavender and Tea Tree. Each of these masks contains ingredients that help to improve various skin conditions. 

This Mentholatum Honey (Revitalizing Face Mask) combines Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid and other brightening ingredients to help deeply hydrate, soothe redness and improve skin tone, leaving the skin looking healthy and enhanced with natural radiance. It also contains natural honey and yeast extract to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. It improves skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines over time, to keep the skin looking plump and firm. It is suitable for dull skin. 

This Mentholatum Rose (Hydrating Face Mask) combines 4 types of super moisturizing ingredients and Hyaluronic Acid to provide intense 24-hours long lasting hydration to the skin, making it more firm, supple and smooth. It also contains Wild Soybean Seed extract and Natural Yeast extract to help strengthen skin's natural protective barrier and smooth away roughness leaving the skin feeling velvety soft, supple and dewy moist. This mask is suitable for dehydrated skin. 

This Mentholatum Lavender (Soothing and Hydrating Face Mask) contains 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid and soothing ingredients to help restore, nourish and strengthen the skin, leaving it refreshed and energized. It also contains Lavender and Chamomile Flower extracts to smoothen rough skin and calm skin irritated skin. It is suitable for tired and even sensitive skin. 

This Mentholatum Tea Tree (Oil Controlling Face Mask) combines Chrysanthemum Flower extract, Houttuynia Cordata, Wild Soybean Seed and other natural ingredients to effectively control excess oil, minimize pores for a more refined and hydrated skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Tea Tree extract to help boost skin moisture retention level and oil control. It also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines thereby keeping the skin soft and smooth. It is suitable for oily and blemish prone skin. 

The 1st mask I used was Lavender (Soothing and Hydrating Face Mask) 
After applying for 10 minutes on my face, I feel my face soft soft :) 

That time I was very tired and need to put on mask, so I put Rose (Deep Hydrating Face Mask) while my hubby put Honey (Revitalizing Face Mask) on his face. After applying our face, I feel my skin more hydrating as it says deep hydrating face mask and my hubby said he feel good on his face. So, now I left another more mask which is Tea Tree (Oil Controlling Face Mask)

This Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash available in two variants : Pore Refining Face Wash (left) and Hydra and Whitening Face Mask (right). This Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash is developed especially for Asian skin in the hot and humid weather like ours. 

1. The Pore Refining Face Wash helps to minimize pores and re-balance oil using Lentil extract for a more refined smooth skin. It is formulated with Rosemary and Witch Hazel extracts the face wash helps to deep cleanse and purify pores for a healthy clear complexion. It is also enriched with Aloe Extract to soothe and moisturize the skin while the natural orange scent lifts your mood and refreshes the skin at the same time. 

2. The Hydra and Whitening Face Wash is formulated with Arbutin and Rose extract to help brighten and improve skin radiance for a more even skin tone. It is also enriched with moisturizing ingredients to help retain and replenish skin moisture. The natural rose scent brings freshness and comfort to the skin. 

This Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Creams are available in three variants are Rose, Lavender and Jasmine. This Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Creams contains ultra moisturizing Almond Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil as well as other moisturizing ingredients to help nourish, protect and ensuring a more youthful-looking skin. After applying on your hands, you will feel your skin hydrated and smooth as you massage the hand creams into your skin while the relaxing flower scent calms you after a long hectic day. Apart from hydration, the hand cream also helps strengthen the nails thus preventing them from becoming brittle. 

This Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lip balm contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and other moisturizing ingredients that deeply hydrate and nourish the lips. The ultra-smooth and lightweight texture combined with refreshing fruity flavour of Apple, Lime or Peach melts on your lips for long-lasting moisture - keeping the lips soft, smooth, healthy and protected from harsh environment and extreme weather. 

These are the Mentholatum Apple Fruity Lipbalm packaging 
Front View and Back View 

These are the Mentholatum Lime Fruity Lipbalm packaging 
Front View and Back View 

These are the Mentholatum Peach Fruity Lipbalm packaging 
Front View and Back View 

For more information 
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask (Single Sheet) - RM 7.90 
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash (100g) - RM 14.90 
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Creams (50g) - RM 16.90
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lip Balms (3.5g) - RM 11.50 
They're available at Watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide.

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