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This picture taken from and the frame is edited by me. 

Dear my beloved readers! Have you ever heard about Zell-V? If haven't, please scroll down for more information. Zell-V Wellness Hub is a building consists 11th floors and each of the floor has their facilities. Anyway, if you don't know how to go, you just type Menara Ruyi on your Waze app. Then, it will bring you to this beautiful road. Anyway, they has their own parking lot. You just turn right and go down to their car park which is at B1, B2, B3 level. 

This photo is in front of the lobby which is at L level 
This picture taken from but the frame is edited by me 

You can see this photo (it is exactly their lobby looks like) 
This picture taken from but the frame is edited by me 

On 11th May 2018, my husband and I woke up at 3am and we started our journey to KL as we have to arrive by 10am. So, we arrived Zell-V Wellness Hub at 9am. Actually, we were very tired because we recently sleep late and wake up early. Anyway, you don't have to worry. What I can promise you that above the 3 photos was true. Remember to check it out yourself if you want to do these facilities with your family or friends or partners. 

They have arrange customer service to bring us around Zell-V Wellness Hub. Once we arrived, she brought us to Level 1 for breakfast at Sayang Rasa Cafe. That time I was so hungry, there are not much choices to choose from the menu. So, I chose Nasi Lemak with watermelon juice and my husband chose porridge with watermelon juice too. 

After our breakfast, we went to Level 9 to look around V Wellness. Miss Game arranged the receptionist named Miss Kogila to do Bio Resonance Scan for me and my husband. Anyway, you must be wondering what is it about. It was my first time to hear about this scan though. 

Based on the Swiss and German holistic approach for prevention and rejuvenation, V-Wellness is an integrated healthcare centre that practices Integrative Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. This centre facilitates health assessments and combines effective alternative treatments in advanced cellular therapy and natural healing methods with conventional medicine to offer you a most effective treatment and health plan. We believe in offering tailor-made treatments and therapies based on the health status and lifestyle of each unique individual. 

Bio Resonance Scan is based on the notion that electromagnetic oscillations emitted by atoms of diseased cells and organs are different from those emitted by healthy ones. Furthermore, as long as the energy emitted by our organs and tissue stays at the right wavelength and flows freely, everything is fine but toxic substances from modern living, diet and habits can disturb the frequency. The procedure involves sitting in front of a receiver with headphones on the head. The relevant frequency patterns are projected through the headphones and frequency emitted by particular organs are recorded. This test can be used to detect various ailments in the body, such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, atopic dermatitis and problems with individual organs. 

Miss Kogila gave us this file and asked us to fill up our details on it 

For the easy conclusion, this scan can scan every part of our organs. Don't worry, it is not pain at all. After scan every part of my organs, I need to take precaution on my kidneys. If you asked me, am I scared? I will say NO. It is because I already accept the fact of my own body. I will keep taking care of myself by taking care of my diet, do exercise and eat supplements. That's what I can do for myself. Anyway, it is better that you check than late. When it is late, you cannot take precaution anymore. Well, no offend. Health is very important, my dear readers. Before this scan, the customer service pass us the lunch menu so that they can prepare for us earlier. So, this is the menu you can choose for your lunch. You will be eating at Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine at Level 1. 

The Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine Menu 

Welcome to Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine 

I did Panorama photo. Isn't their space is big? :) 

Left - My Lunch / Right - My Husband's Lunch 

After eating our lunch, the customer service came to us and brought us to Level 9 to check it out their OM Spa. Remember my introduction on my blog right bar. I love enjoying massage and spa. I always do! 

This is their entrance to The OM Spa 

The decorations outside of the entrance 

Welcome to The OM Spa Wellness and Beauty Retreat 

Before massage, they served us with cold lemongrass 

Well, we get enjoyed foot massage and body massage for 90 mins. I did add on their body scrub too. The add-on was on my own penny. Overall, I can say that the body massage was not bad but I got felt a bit pain for certain parts. After our massage, we went to the carpark and took our bags. Finally, we got to check-in their hotel room called The OM Mandala Luxe at Level 8. Their hotel room looks like you're staying in 4/5 stars hotel. 

These are the rooms number. So, there are 15 rooms. 

Anyway, our room was so big which have a king size bed and twin bed. You can see that there are shampoo and body wash in the bathroom. The sink has hand soap, 3 pieces of face towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissue box, 2 pieces of bath towels and a hairdryer too. Everything was in good condition and I can give 4/5 for the room. Anyway, if you want to do your beauty services and health services, you may stay at their hotel room if your house is very far away from the place or you're out from Kuala Lumpur. 

After check-in hotel, we took our bath before heading to their carnival. After that, we went to Sky Loft for our dinner. 

The Sky Loft is at Level 11 
If you can't wait for the lift, you can take staircase to go :) 

These are our healthy dinner 

Besides food and beverages being included in the Zell-V Gold card package, I ordered additional mixed vegetables soup. After our dinner, we went back to our room. I was very tired for whole day as I opened my eyes at 3am until 9pm. The next day, we went for our blood test at V Clinic and we had our breakfast. After our breakfast, we check-out as I was heading to my next event. 

Now they're doing promotion on their memberships are : 

Zell-V Wellness Hub Gold Card consists : 
1. Comprehensive Blood Screening 
2. Cell Check / Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis 
3. Doctor Consultation 
4. Balanced Nutrition and Diet Consultation
Complementary Services : 
a) 2D1N Premium Stay 
b) Libido Recovering System / Breast Enhancement / Bio Resonance Scan 
c) 90 mins OM Signature Massage 
d) Skin Analysis 
e) Skin Brightening and Renewal (90 mins) 
f) Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner 
It is RM 1000 now! NP : RM 2280  

Zell-V Wellness Hub Silver Card consists : 
1. Comprehensive Blood Screening 
2. Cell Check / Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis 
3. Doctor Consultation 
4. Balanced Nutrition and Diet Consultation 
Complementary Services : 
a) Libido Recovering System / Breast Enhancement / Bio Resonance Scan 
b) 15 mins Shoulder Massage 
c) Breakfast / Lunch 
It is RM 500 now! NP : RM 1200 

For more information 
Address : MENARA RUYI, 30A, Lorong Kapar, Jalan 2/87G, Off Jalan Syed Putra, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number : 
+603 - 2273 6699
6012 - 317 8018 (Mr Chow) 
Email :

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