Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dear my beloved readers! This month is fasting month for my Muslim friends and readers. Have you detox all of your toxins before your meals? I would like to remind you that remember to detox all of your toxins before your meals with Body Passion Drink from this Instagram -- > Body Scrub Malaysia.

I would love to try this Body Passion Drink for 21 days as the packaging said drink one sachet before breakfast for each day. After trying for 21 days, I would love to share this Body Passion Drink to all of you. Sharing is caring! 

This Body Scrub Malaysia actually selling Body Scrub and Body Passion Drink. All the while, I wanted to slim down my weight as I found that my weight has increase 5kg. I was like OMG!! I want my ideal weight back which is 45kg!! There are several doctors saying that I am underweight. I was like nonsense. Hahaha. Anyway, my height is 155 cm and I did checked my BMI, it said between 45 kg to 60 kg is normal. I still want my ideal weight is 45 kg!! Hehehe. Furthermore, I did tried a lot of slimming products before and it makes my stomach very pain and I went to toilet for big business a lot of times until my butt also pain. So, I decided to survey more and more until I found Body Passion Drink. I started drinking on 19/5/2018 and end on 8/6/2018. In this 21 days, I went to toilet normally (morning and evening time) and my shit normally very hard to come out but after drinking it, it comes out smoothly. Well, I am super recommend this Body Passion Drink to those who really want to lose weight, the shit come out smoothly and never effect your health at all. 

It comes with free shaker until the stocks finish :) 

Passion Fruit Extract, Innulin, Apple Fiber, Oat Fiber,
Wheat Fiber, Garcinia Cambogia, Psyllium Husk, Senna Leaf, Green Tea, Green Coffee, Dectorse, Sucrose, Maltodoxtrin,Vitamin C and Marine Collagen

Step 1 : Pour 1 sachet of Body Passion into a glass of ice water/normal temperature water (200ml)
Step 2 : Drink before breakfast 
Step 3 : Take 1 sachet only everyday  

I am giving 5/5 for this Body Passion Drink because 
1. It doesn't cause my stomach very pain until I cannot stand it 
2. It doesn't cause me to keep going toilet for big business everytime (it only let me go toilet for 2-3 which I normally go for big business) 
3. My shits become soft and come out smoothly 
4. This product is good for those who loves to eat fast food, frequently fever and flu, frequently headache, lack of concentration and unstable emotion, obesity or overweight issues, constipation problems, people with no exercise, often tired and not exercising, lack of eating vegetables. (I am at the category of frequently headache and people with no exercise (seldom exercise) ). 
5. I will repurchase again and again until I get my ideal weight!! :) 

For more information 
Whatsapp : +60142116414

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