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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Hello Lipstickaholics Babes! Are you crazy over lipsticks collection like me? If yes, come and get another Malaysian brand named AGGIE BEAUTY from AG Beauty. Well, I am so excited with this brand of the lipsticks!! That's why I named myself Lipstickaholics MissJasJas on the Facebook. You may add me in Facebook if you want to be friends with me. I am welcoming everyone of you. We can share beauty products, hauls and other things as well. Huggies for everyone! 

 These are the packaging of AGGIE BEAUTY lipsticks!
BlackandWhite are my favourite colors!! 

These are the ingredients of their lipsticks 

 They have 5 colors are 
Hey Babe, Gossip Girl, Luv xoxo, Pretty Please, Oh Lady

I got Luv Xoxo and Gossip Girl from them 

I did Time-Lapse on how I applied the Luv xoxo on my lips 

This is the color of Luv xoxo on my lips 
Anyway, at the first place, I did the swatch on my hand and I didn't like it
After applying on my lips, I really love it very much!! 
It was new color on my lips. 

I did Time-Lapse on how I applied the Gossip Girl on my lips 

This is the color of Gossip Girl on my lips 
Anyway, red is always my favourite color on my lips but I will apply on my lips according to what color of outfit I am gonna wear :) 

I am giving 5/5 to AGGIE BEAUTY lipsticks because 
1. I love their packaging color which are black and white in colors. 
2. I love their wording of the lipsticks "AGGIE BEAUTY LIP MATTE".
3. I love the colors that I got from them *will repurchase again once finished*
4. After applying on my lips, I can feel it is moisturise and my lips doesn't dry. 
5. It is waterproof lip matte. You need to use makeup remover to wipe it out. 

For more information 
Price : RM 29 each 
You may contact the owner on Instagram to purchase the lipsticks! 

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