Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Want to become one of Kamelia's Mermaid Squad or not? Purchase any items from them and you will be officially Kamelia's Mermaid Squad. Excited?? Hehe. Anyway, I would love to review these 3 matte lip cremes that I got from Kamelia Cosmetics. There are 14 colors of the matte lip cremes. OMG!! I feel want to buy another 11 colors matte lip cremes!! Keep reading and you will know what are the colors. Anyway, I would love to say thank you very much Miss Kamelia for this collaboration!! 

Kamelia Cosmetics is a cosmetics company inspired by the fearlessness, femininity and fantastical nature of mermaids. Kamelia Cosmetics believes in delivering quality ingredients, superior formulas and cruelty-free beauty at an affordable price. Every woman deserves to have the ability to enhance their beauty and feel empowered with first-class make-up.

Kamelia Cosmetics is really inspired by mermaids. Kamelia was established in Malaysia in 2016, and co-owned by a genial, super talented girl named Kamelia Nisha. That’s where the name ‘Kamelia’ came up. Well if you didn’t know, Kamelia was once a model and now with the power of passion, she turned to businesswoman.

If you purchase any items from them, they pack the items into their own name of box "Kamelia" and here's are the colors pink and blue. One of my favourite is blue! It was perfect match from her idea! Thank you very much, Miss Kamelia. 

This is how I unbox my Kamelia Cosmetic products 

These are the packaging! Isn't beautiful packaging? 

Want to be part of Kamelia Mermaid Squad? Let's we makeup ourselves!

On top of the matte lip creme packaging is mermaid shell :) 
Below of the matte lip creme packaging is the name of matte lip creme color

I got 3 colors are Ruby, Isabelle, Melody 

I am holding Isabelle Matte Lip Creme from Kamelia Cosmetics 

I use Time-Lapse on my iPhone 

I am holding Melody Matte Lip Creme from Kamelia Cosmetics

I use Time-Lapse on my iPhone

I am holding Ruby Matte Lip Creme from Kamelia Cosmetics

I use Time-Lapse on my iPhone

This is my lip swatches of Kamelia Matte Lip Cremes

These are the 14 colors of Kamelia Cosmetics Matte Lip Cremes

These are 4 colors of Kamelia Cosmetics Satin Lipstick 

This is Kamelia Mermaid Miracle DD Cushion functions 

There are 3 colors of Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Miracle DD Cushion

I am giving 5/5 for this Kamelia Cosmetics because 
1. The packaging was very pretty until I feel want to buy other colors for the Matte Lip Cremes. 
2. They pack their items into the brown box so that the items won't spoil.
3. The names of the Matte Lip Cremes was so girly too. 
4. After applying on my lips, it can last for 4-5 hours and it is easy dry once you apply on your lips. 
5. I am glad to be the part of Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Squad! 

For more information
Contact : +6019 - 2996848 (Miss Ryanna) 
Kamelia Cosmetics Resellers (Malaysia & Worldwide) 


  1. Vote for isablle. Tp kena tgk bibir. Ad yg very sensitivr memng tk bleh dgn jenis matte mcm ni.

    1. hmm.. actually matte lipsticks boleh apply kat bibir yang sensitive. Sebelum apply kat bibir, kita kena scrub bibir dulu and then guna sapu tangan yang warm dan lap kat bibir. Selepas tu, kita kena apply lip balm dulu and then baru pakai matte lipsticks. Thank you dear for leaving a comment :)